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Buy Jessica's very first Live Streamed Comedy Special!

The first run of "We're All Chocolate" was recorded Nov. 22, 2020 at Elm Street Cultural Arts Village (Now Woodstock Arts) in Woodstock, GA. The show opened up with Comedian Host: Cyrus Steele, and also Featured Comedian: Eric Dowis and followed with me, Jessica It's All Good, Headlining my debut of the One Hour special. After the show, the three comedians had a Talk Back on Race  & Comedy. The reviews are in! This show is needed and will continue.
We still need your help. There is a lot left to do, but We're All Chocolate is getting people laughing and thinking about how we can make this world a better place.

This is my big ask... my friends... my family...

Please help Us get "We're All Chocolate" on Tour and on TV! Purchase the comedy special to show that you support clean and positive comedy. Also purchase if you think we can find a common ground in this country and this world. Thank you to all who have already donated to make this show a possibility, and thank you to everyone who worked on the debut!


We're All Chocolate has been nominated for an award by a Theatre Review Blog Team based in New Jersey!

The awards show is on Feb 21, 2021!

A Special Thanks To the following donors:

Elaine Szeto

Lavondra Ham

Shante Hambrick

Ottoweiss Campbell

Jose C

Zack Bagwell

Ranjith Varadarajan & Arthy Saravanan

Ashley Powers

Jada Bell

 Kevin & Kim Wigington

Greg McMahan

Jocelyn McElroy

Roy Lewis, Jr.

Shawneda Crout

Sherrica Sims

Zak Logalbo

Trudie Nash

Phillip Ford

Rodney Mitchell

Sommer Rogers

Lekeshia Jarrett

Gary Gelman

Larkin & Effie Williams

Ben CK Staten

Alison Byrd

Lawrence "Pop" Rutherford

McKenzie Shelton

Catherine Smith

Shelia Little sanders

Nicole Johnson

Heidi Botzong

David Samaha

Manseen Logan

Takeisha Rosemond

Jaiah Scott

Dorothy Morgan

W. M.

Brian Deaton

Nikki Canter

Josh Gale

Floyd Dickens III

John Naugle

Tony Folden

Clemon Byrd

Amalia Faison

Monica Kirkland

Kelly O'Neal

Dorothy Matchett

Ashley Card

Sharon Yarborough

Michael LaRosa

Dana Soady

Natasha Chatman

Kamaya Mention

Desiree Burch

Terri Goode Rodgers

Derrick Tennant

Martha Fritz

Curtis Green

Linda Pearl

Diana Campbell

Anita Pratto

Albemir Sarzalejo

Laura Moore

Christy Gaynell

David Rodriguez

Elizabeth Markley Tarallo

Carla Washington

Joshua Tanksley

Janet Hallums

Carolyn Brice

Voytech Szyrejko

Isiah Lacefield

Shaquita Lambert

Carlos Graham

Naudia Camble

Stephen Dyckes

Cornesia Caldwell

Sheneka Anthony

Cathy Milligan

Eliott Grenier

Ferrante Johnson

Ashley Blair

Melissa Klein

Rachael Hennington

Torey Parham

Damonique Hathaway

John Bagwell

Walker McKnight

A Evans

Robert Lewis

Arthur Hartzog

Nicholas James

Karen Burjeck

Ashley Bouknight

Malakeia Scott

Krystine Torella

Konimba Diarra

Candice Frasier

Sara Gregory

Judah Andrews

Alex Dean

Jeanetta Hines

Kim Wacker

Bobby Houston

Jeremy Crawford

Andrew Isenhower

Tri'Sheena Stokes

Reginald Bibb

Josh Hall

Donald Sweetman

Shayne Bryan

Addam Willingham

Gregory English

Chuck Carigan

Amber Rampy

Jeremy Beavers

Byron Harvey

Cindy Grey

Jenna Hyde

Derrick Mason

Victor Gomes

Sarah Tinsley

Frances Beaudry

Tosinger T

Tasha Laster

Bootsie Glasser

Ememofon Imoh

Kim Fredrickson

Hope Maitwe

Colin Ross

Nasha Shandri

Valencia Walker

Jay Whitmore

Brenda Arnette

Jerrell & Rosalyn Ludd

Clara Sut Turner

Sherri Perry

Charles Da Fourth

Allison Wonders Gars

Richard Rick Ford

Kayla Watson

Cameron Cox

Evvie Harmon

Mary Kane

Heather Tolley-Bauer

Nikki Taylor

Jennifer O'Brien Stamper

Kristin Nieves

Brian A. Wynder

M.v. Oliphant

Luanna Sutton

Brenda Hicklen Morgan

Susy Meier

Hollon Yarborough

Vien Jernigan

Stephen Diaper

Darcy Hatfield Kent

Janet Breese

Brian Ashton Smith

Carmen Ashley

Vincent Vinnie Coppola

Deborah Parks

Jas Gill

Gracie Morris Byrd

Mariana Cancio

Brandon Rainwater

Ardashia Brown

Kelita Samone

Courtney Coen

Cyrus Steele

Christina Kelley

Doreen Watson

Carol Cushing

Monika Scott-Rogers

Astrid Cabrera

Eddie Hines

Aimee & Matt Boothe

Patrick Schweigert

Eric Seppala

Justin Berti

Joseph & Nina Parker

Josh Harris

Desiree Burch

Adena Brumer

Janice Bernat

Amy Kreissl

Ant T

Kenneth Yalon-Camp

Amber Konkol

Kemeisha Pounds

Paige Geisterwolf

Scott Loveland

Sandra Benton

As well as our Anonymous Givers!

We Are All Chocolate - Logo-01-min.jpg

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic we were not able to raise enough money for our original goals. But still made them laugh and now you can purchase the comedy special and watch from home!

The Covid Comedy will no longer be a part of the future shows moving forward.  So get this special moment in time today!

Also, if you know of a theatre that would like to have a comedy show for change in the world, please go to the CONTACT page and connect with CHW Productions for a booking.
Anyone booking will be getting an updated version of the show.


Donors for the initial show, are included in the movie credits. You can purchase the video link here:

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